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[Sticky] Astral Projection FAQ  

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What is astral projection

This is dependant on what you believe in, scientists claim that astral projection happens all inside of a persons mind, now this may be true, it may be true to an extent, or it could be completely false, some people who astral project believe that they are projecting their spirit, or their essence, outside of their body and outside of our realm into a place that is known as the astral, or the astral realm, some say this is the in between world, and is partly our world and partly not, I've also heard it said that it is where spirits go when they are not ready to move on yet

Is astral projection dangerous?

Astral projection is often miscontrued as being dangerous, although admittedly your mind can conjure up negative energies, regardless of the way you view astral projection, supernatural or not, these entities feed off of fear and therefor you ultimately control them, once you realise this, they are completely helpless, even if you remain scared, they are unable to hurt you or as a widespread misconception would have it "sever your life cord" no entity can sever you from your body while you are projecting, you will always be able to return to your body no matter what happens to your astral form, the worst an entity can do is frighten you

Can I get trapped in the astral realm

There is no way your spirit can become trapped in the astral realm, in fact the majority of people find it a challenge to not return to their body instantly, it is with a level of mental control that you keep yourself out of your body for a long time, if you wish to return to your body, just lose your focus or think strongly of your body, and of returning to it, once you are back in your body make sure you perform a reality check to make sure you are truly awake

Can I forget an Astral Projection?

In my experience and the experience of others it is just as easy to forget an astral projection experience as it is a lucid dreaming experience, this is because throughout the experience your brain is asleep, you need to work on your dream recall in order to remember both astral projections and lucid dreams to their fullest extent, you can ask the server, we will help you

How long does it take to become proficient in astral projection?

Allthough not the only way to enter astral projection, the majority of occurrences happens from sleep paralysis, you must first learn how to induce sleep paralysis, if you don't know what sleep paralysis is, either do some research, or ask in our server, preferably ask in the server, this is due to their being a lot of misinformation about sleep paralysis out on the internet, from our server members you will find up to date and factual information about topics such as sleep paralysis. Once you are in sleep paralysis you must perform an exit technique, such as the rollout technique or the rope technique. To learn to induce sleep paralysis I would estimate would take maybe a week, sleep paralysis is the hard part, once you have sleep paralysis it should be relatively easy for you to astral project. This means you can potentially be astral projecting in one week, although I would say for a dedicated person it would take maybe two weeks.

What are exit techniques to begin astral projection?
Shortly put, exit techniques are techniques applied once you are in sleep paralysis, they kick you out of sleep paralysis and into the astral projection experience. I will go over two of the well known ones below

The rollout technique

This technique is imagining how it would feel to basically roll your body over in your bed, you need to focus on rolling over for about 8 seconds, then attempt to roll over and out of your body and just keep on rolling, you need to have a good sense of what rolling over feels like, might be a good idea to practice this in your bed before you go to sleep, just so you have it in your mind, when you try to roll over in the sleep paralysis the goal is that your astral form will roll right out of your paralysed body, separating the two, you are now free to do as you wish, you are astral projecting. This is my favourite technique, I recommend it.

The rope technique

In this technique, once you are in sleep paralysis, you simply need to imagine yourself climbing a rope out of your body, imagine yourself being pulled out of your chest, imagine pressure on your chest that’s pulling you up and out of your body, keep imagining this until you are pulled out. A variation of this technique is to imagine your hands are pulling you out of your body by climbing up the rope.

Posted : 24/08/2020 4:17 pm